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Wholesome Meals, Made Simple


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Simply add the Currygram paste to your vegetables/main dish along with water to cut your cooking time down by half!

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Enjoy a big bowl of well-spiced and
delicious curry that is as good for your body as for your soul!

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Our Pastes are Made To Your Taste!

 Every spoonful of Currygram has equal portions of wholesome, healthy, and tasty!

 Authentic Ingredients

Only wholesome ingredients and natural spices found in most Indian kitchens are used to make our curries.


We steer away from any chemical additives, preservatives, and food-colouring so that you can enjoy delicious meals guilt-free!

 Low-Sodium and Oil

Our foods are not unnaturally salty, oily, fatty, or addictive, they are what a mother would serve her family on a rainy evening.


Every curry paste is made using sterilized equipment in a controlled temperature and pressure environment while maintaining complete hygiene.


Why should you get curried away by our gravies?

Currygram is a clean food label that promises no added preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours. We are vegan-friendly and offer delectable curries to curb your cravings.

What are the ingredients used in the curry paste?

Currygram uses only natural, fresh and high-quality ingredients. We replace the excessive and harmful canola and rapeseed oil in other pre-made mixes with healthy and low doses of sesame and coconut oil. Each Currygram paste is simmered with fresh vegetables and spices such as fresh tomatoes, garlic, and onion - so that your meals are wholesome, natural, and delicious. We use cashew paste instead of milk to ensure that you stay on track with your vegan diet.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products are best before 12 months from the date of packaging. We at Currygram use a special method of packaging called Retort Packaging. This keeps the shelf life of the product intact even without using any preservatives or chemicals. It is absolutely safe to consume up to 12 months and can be refrigerated up to 7 days after opening.

How long does it take to prepare a dish?

On average, each dish takes around 10-20 minutes to prepare. Visit our melting pot of easy and quick recipes to prepare some delectable meals tonight.

Which flavours do your pastes come in?

Our pastes come in 6 delicious flavours:

Bhuna Masala, Makhani Gravy, Biryani Paste, Goan Fish Curry, Udupi Sambhar Masala, and Chettinad Masala.

Can I cook with your pastes as a beginner?

Yes, if you can peel a banana you can cook with our pastes. Simply empty the contents of the pouch in the cooking pan and cook it with your choice of veggies/paneer/ meat.

Are the products vegan?

Yes, our products are vegan-friendly. We substitute milk with cashew paste.

Your (Curry)Tales are Music to Our Ears

Awesome range of curry pastes. I have tried almost all and they are too good for a quick wholesome meal. Great value for money.

Nimish Verma

So easy to cook and it tastes delicious! I have not come across a curry paste as good as this one. Must try!

Rashi Gupta

Currygram pastes have a beautiful aroma and texture. The cooking instructions are clear and one can easily whip up comforting meal at anytime of the day.

Neha Jain

These pastes are my go to options after a busy day at work. They taste just like home. So good. I even carried a curry bowl to one of our potlucks and people could not stop talking about it!

Rohant Mehta

 Enjoyed your Currylicious meal?

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